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Hey There! Do you love caffeine?

Small Batch Coffee to power your workouts and Specialty Coffee Gear For Your Home.

Trust us you haven't had enough caffeine. ;)

Limited Quantities now available!

Veteran Owned and operated in Tonganoxie, KS

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Who Are We?

Hey, welcome to Grind Coffee Company! The best damm coffee you will ever taste. 


This statement is a fact, based on the results of a survey we conducted. My brother and I were the only 2 people that participated, but there’s no point in arguing the details. Okay, so now that you know you’ve found the best coffee, you may be asking yourself who the heck are these 2 people and what is Grind Coffee Company? Well, we are identical twin brothers, from the same mother..ha. Born 11 years apart. Damm medical miracle if you ask me. (Fact: If you spell cuss words funny you can still make it to heaven.)

We are Gym Nerds not to be confused with “gym rats” or “meatheads” and are coffee snobs. (if you like that Green Witches brew please leave now.) What is a gym nerd? Glad you asked. It means I(Derek) love to read, learn, watch, create, try, taste, and smell anything gym/fitness-related. I love trying new gyms on vacation, testing out new equipment, creating new training workouts to see how far I can push myself. I’ve tried about every supplement created and bought all the hype. I have an odd collection of gym equipment and am emotionally attached to them all. People feel the need to give me their old “Seen on TV” equipment also, which I secretly try out when alone. I mean who wouldn’t want 6-second abs?!

Okay enough about Derek, I(David) also like working out. Mostly because Derek forced me into it. But I did get first place in a power-lifting meet one time. Ookay yes, I technically was the only one competing, but that’s beside the point. Derek was also the best personal trainer and advisor I ever had for workouts(this was not written under duress). 

So what does this have to do with coffee? Well, caffeine is great for working out. If you have ever tasted coffee you know how addicting it is. I got introduced to the good version of it. Not the gross kind from that red tub, or the disgusting one with the green lady on it. All it took was one sip to open up a whole new world of flavors to me. From then on I began trying all versions of coffee I could find, from unique origins to interesting brewing methods. And since all I wanted was to be better at something than Derek I had to prove how much better at picking out unique flavors I was than him. Well, this ended up backfiring, because we both just became snobs. I’m still slightly better though.

Now on to the snobbery. If you love coffee like us you know there is a wide range of opinions regarding specialty coffee, and luckily for you, we care about the quality of our coffee and only want to provide you with the highest quality. More details specific to our coffee are on the individual shopping pages. So go grab a bag or a workout and join us in drinking damm good coffee, working out, and having fun. 


Keep Grinding.


David & Derek

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