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Who are we?

 We are two brothers who wanted something more than our 9-5 jobs. We took our passion for coffee, weightlifting, and  to create Grind Coffee Co. We wanted to encourage ourselves and others to reach for their goals, but we also needed a way to stay motivated, productive, and on task.


Everyone has those unfinished projects, goals and ideas that don't get enough focus or attention. We wanted to start the day off with the Grind mindset of work hard no matter the circumstance, situation or external pressures. That’s the mindset that gave us the vision for Grind Coffee Company. 


Coffee is a great way to create a productive routine is starting your day off with Grind Coffee. Every time you take a sip of our coffee we hope it's a reminder to not only keep dreaming, but to go for it.


Our fair trade coffee is an easy morning win. It is ethically sourced and roasted in small batches in Kansas City, MO by Marcell Coffee. For more information check them out here, Roasting in small batches ensures our coffee is alway fresh and delicious when it arrives at your door.


Our online store also has our merch and soon our one of a kind home bamboo coffee filter holders that hold your square Chemex, pour over and Aeropress paper filters.

Grind Coffee Company Owners
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