This Brazil single origin hits all the notes. It’s packed with flavor. It has a subtle sweet taste with a slightly floral smell that’s gentle and not overwhelming. It’s notes of caramel and peanut butter along with a slightly more earthy flavor that you just can't pinpoint make this a very well rounded coffee. It's light flavors blossom the best when drank plain or black. We recommend brewing this coffee with a pour over or a Chemex. We don’t judge though, experiment and see how you like it best!


Our coffee is roasted fresh depending on the volume of orders and is never pre-ground. We do that to make sure you only get the best possible coffee.


Our roaster knows the importance of the link between the farmers, exporters, and importers, and how vital it is to have that relationship in order to make it all possible for this coffee to be a part of your morning routine. We are proud to be a piece of that process. Check out the about section to learn more about the Cooperative and region that this coffee is sourced from.

Brazil "Marchador" Single Origin

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    • Origin: Brazil
    • Cooperative: Cocarive Cooperative
    • Farm: Several Small Landholding Farmers
    • Mark: Marchador
    • Region: Mantiqueira de Minas, Minas Gerais
    • Varietal(s): Yellow Catuai
    • Elevation: 1100 masl / 3300 ft
    • Process: Pulped Natural

    Cocarive is a coffee growing cooperative founded in 1961 that currently has its operations and processing mill located in centrally in Carmo de Minas located centrally in rural Brazil in the largest coffee producing region in the world minas Gerais.

    Most of the 661 members are small landholders with less
    than 7 hectares per farm (18 acres) and the coffee we purchase from them is produced around the Mantiqueira de Minas mountain range, also known as the Crying Mountains because of the abundance of
    natural spring water running throughout. This along with an annual rainfall of 1650 mm annually as well as a range of elevation from 900 - 1530 meters above sea level allows this area of the country to produce some of the highest scoring most dynamic specialty exported coffee.