This is a robust dark Sumatra. It's rich flavors are for you coffee lovers that like a full bodied cup of coffee. The kind of coffee that is strong, powerful and gives you that full coffee flavor, but still maintains a delicious flavor profile that includes notes of dark chocolate and subtle fruit that fit well with any brewing method. You can pair it with cream or milk or drink it black.


We guarantee you'll love it. Our coffee is roasted fresh depending on the volume of orders and is never pre-ground. We do that to make sure you only get the best possible coffee.


Our roaster knows the importance of the link between the farmers, exporters, and importers, and how vital it is to have that relationship in order to make it all possible for this coffee to be a part of your morning routine. We are proud to be a piece of it.


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Sumatra "Gayo" Single Origin

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  • Region: Central Aceh Regency

    Zone: Gayo Highlands

    Varieties: Ateng P88

    Processing : Wet - Hulled "Giling Basah"

    Elevation: 1500 + MASL